PTA Fundraisers

Annual Fund (aka Write-A-Check)

The annual fund is one of Lundy PTA’s fall fundraiser.  This is how our PTA covers the cost of our operations, which is around $25,000.  With your tax-deductible contribution, we can avoid other smaller, time-consuming fundraisers.

Book Fair

We have a fall and spring Scholastic book fair each year.  The money earned goes towards purchasing Scholastic News subscriptions, books for the library, and classrooms resources.  Other PTA programs such as Book of the Month and Book It! also benefit from the proceeds earned.   Lundy Parents are amazing supporters of our fair! Join this committee and help students find that perfect book!   It’s a great way to meet many of the families and students at Lundy.

BoxTops for Education

Start collecting boxtops year round.  Lundy earns $.10 for each box top.  Turn in your clipped tops to your teacher or front office in a baggie with your name and section.

Prices Give ‘em Five

Start collecting Prices milk caps today and Lundy earns $.05 cents per gallon and ½ gallon and $.01 for Chug caps!  Turn in to your teacher or front office in a baggie with your name and section.


Sell snack type items at various PTA events and coordinate on sight food vendors at events like the Family Picnic and Family Movie Nights.

5th Grade Celebration

This committee is in charge of planning a fun filled day at the end of the year for outgoing 5th graders as well as covering the cost of the year-end graduation ceremony. There are typically fundraisers and write-a-check campaigns to cover both celebrations.  It has also been the tradition to leave Lundy with a gift to the school.


An amazing way for our school to move forward in the education of our students is to look for opportunities to fund experiences not otherwise financially doable through applying for grants.  We can always use another pair of eyes to look for these opportunities.

Spirit Wear

This committee designs and sells Lundy spirit wear!  The graphics change every year to compliment PTA’s theme.

Tile Sales

This committee takes orders for the tiles that decorate our hallways.  This includes facilitating entire process from purchasing supplies to installation. we like to offer onsite painting during Fine Arts Night.


Year-round committee.  Collect photos of school happenings then design and assemble, and edit our yearbook.  Become a part of creating a Lundy legacy.   This is a fun way to get to know every student and teacher in the school.