PTA Committees

Advocacy  – Vacant

This committee will be responsible for keeping the Lundy PTA advised of all legislative action in Austin and Washington, D.C. that pertains to children’s educational and welfare issues.  The Advocacy committee will work closely with the Parent Education committee to ensure this information is shared with Lundy families.  Additionally, this committee will be responsible for Cub Companions and provide opportunity for students to become youth advocates for Lundy students.

Beautify Lundy – Audrey Kasallis

This program researches projects that will enhance the beauty of the school and community.  In addition, the committee promotes environmental education.

Book Fair – Alyson Gibbons

Lundy hosts Scholastic Bookfairs in the Fall and Spring. Come find some wonderful new books for your library!

Family Movie Night – Vacant

Join this committee and help plan fun movie nights for our families by selecting movies, advertising, photo booths, and more!  There are three planned movie events for the year.

Family Dance – Vacant

This dance is a very fun night to spend with your children.  This committee is responsible for planning the music, theme, food, and activities.  The dance is a popular annual event.

Fine Arts Night- Diana Rocha

A Lundy tradition!  FAN is a night of Arts and a Talent show!  This program exposes our students to numerous art processes.  They are able to create a piece of art to take home.  In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in a talent show or watch it.   It is a great opportunity to spark your child’s creativity.

Healthy Lifestyles – Kimberly Joshi

This committee provides programs, projects and services to promote good physical and mental attitudes, health education and illness prevention.  Annual events sponsored by this program are Walk to School Day and our Spring Family Breakfast.

Hospitality – Aida Yates

This committee works to provide a Welcome Back Breakfast or Lunch for all Teachers in August and then coordinates Teacher Appreciation Week in May.  On a monthly basis a hospitality cart and teacher mailbox treats are coordinated.  Design separate fun themes and items to thank our teachers with.  Being a part of the hospitality committee is a great way to get to know our school.

LION Kings -Luis Rodriguez

L.I.O.N. Kings invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or other male figures to volunteer at least one day, all day, at Lundy during the school year.  Individuals will sign up at the Kick-off event or in the office at any time throughout the school year.  The program collaborates with the school administration to coordinate scheduling and identify opportunities for L.I.O.N. Kings to provide assistance at the school.  Tasks during the volunteer day include monitoring the school entrance, assisting with the car loop, monitoring the lunch room, or helping in the classroom (with a teacher’s guidance) by working with small groups of students on homework, flashcards, or spelling.

Publicity – Krissy Rumpf

Communication is the key to our amazing Lundy PTA.  We send weekly emails, monthly newsletters, utilize Facebook, and send paper communications when necessary.  Become a part of a dedicated group of members that strive to get important information out to our families.

 Read It! – Audrey Kasallis

This is a program sponsored by Pizza Hut, which has been motivating children to read for over 30 years!

Through Book It!, your child has the opportunity to earn reading award certificates by meeting monthly reading goals which consists of reading for 20 minutes each day.

The reading award certificates can be redeemed at Pizza Hut where your child will receive their very own free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza to celebrate their reading accomplishment.  There is no purchase necessary and the pizza can be taken to go.

A free book can be earned from the spring book fair for those students who meet the monthly reading goal of reading 20 minutes each day for the entire 6 months of the Book It! program (October-March).

How the program works:

  • Your child’s teacher will distribute the Book It! reading calendars at the beginning of the month starting with October ending in March.
  • Color or mark each day that you read for 20 minutes. This may include a family member reading to you!
  • Turn in your completed reading calendar to your teacher no later than 3 days after the beginning of the next month.
  • If you turn in a calendar, your teacher will give you a reading award certificate for a free Personal Pan Pizza
Reflections – Kimberly Joshi

Reflections is a National PTA sponsored contest of Fine Arts.  Students create new pieces of artwork inspired by the annual Reflections theme.  Students can submit entries in any of the 6 categories.

 6 Categories

Dance Choreography          Film Production

Literature                              Musical Composition

Photography                         Visual Arts

Join this committee to bring awareness to everyone’s unique talents and gifts.  Any student is eligible to participate!   The art is independently judged!  A fun celebration is held in November to recognize all participants.  More information can be found at:

Spirit Wear – Niki Deca

This committee designs and sells Lundy spirit wear!  The graphics change every year to compliment PTA’s theme.

STEAM Programs – Vacanr

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math!   The future for many of our students lies in these 4 areas!   Come collaborate with our school to provide opportunities for students to be exposed to STEAM outside of the classroom.

Supporting Families –   Vacant

Lundy PTA’s priority is supporting our families, including our new, returning, and military families.  To show our support, Lundy is proud to sponsor military family functions through the school year.  Additionally, this committee will be responsible for reaching out to new Lundy families.  We have an amazing campus with students from all over, and we are excited to make each new family feel welcomed.

Talent Show – Marilyn Del Rio

Lundy hosts a student talent show where students can showcase their talents for their friends and family. Be on the lookout for information regarding this fun event.

Tile Sales – Vacant

This committee takes orders for the tiles that decorate our hallways.  This includes facilitating entire process from purchasing supplies to installation. we like to offer onsite painting during Fine Arts Night.

Volunteer Coordinator  – Daniela Salyandia

The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator Committee is to promote good relations between our school and community. This committee also determines and implements the best methods for recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of the school.  Other items can include:

  • Visiting with our principal to plan ahead for the needs of the school and determine priorities for volunteer recruitment
  • Become knowledgeable about the volunteer guidelines set by the school district
  • Understanding teachers and staff volunteer needs in the school
  • Surveying potential volunteers to learn about their talents, interest, and skills
  • Holding volunteer orientation meeting
  • Setting goals for volunteers for the school year
  • Recruiting volunteers throughout the year
  • Recognizing volunteers for their hard work
  • Evaluating volunteer program success after each event